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Bright Eyes teachers support children in their quests to develop social relationships and solve conflicts in a positive way.


Teacher Criteria

Bright Eyes teachers are a combination of  certified teachers and highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to educating and inspiring young children.  Our teachers are required to have Early Childhood Education experience and training in CPR, safe food handling, and other emergency procedures. Bright Eyes Kindergarten completes criminal background checks, SLED child abuse/neglect checks, and reference checks on each teacher. 

Teacher/Student Ratio

Our teacher/student ratio meets the DSS/ABC standard, with a total of 32 students enrolled in the program at a given time.  We have 3 classrooms, lunchroom, and an office. Bright Eyes is a privately facility.  

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Bright Eyes Kindergarten endorses open communication between teachers and parents and therefore holds at least two parent/teacher conferences annually.  The conferences will be used to discuss your child's developmental progress and to answer any questions you may have.  Parents may request a conference at any time. 

Become a Bright Eyes Teacher

Bright Eyes Kindergarten is always looking for qualified teachers who love children!  If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the employee application form and email it, along with a cover letter and current resume to info@brighteyeskindergarten.com.



Bright Eyes Kindergarten parents are routinely informed about their child's progress through regular parent / teacher conferences, email and phone calls.  Open communication lines are essential to a successful early education program.



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