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Lunch and Snacks


Parents: Make sure to pack your child a lunch each day! We will provide their milk for lunch. We also will provide emergency snacks with juice each day in the event a parent forgets to provide them.  

Please provide these supplies for your child each enrollment year: -Crayons -Washable Markers -Glue -Box of Kleenex -Anti-bacterial Soap -Construction Paper -Child-Safe Scissors -Single-Subject Notebook -Coloring Book Parents are also encouraged to donate one or more of the following each semester: -Paper Cups -Paper Plates -Napkins -Hand Sanitizer -Baby Wipes -Lollipops -Gallon-size Ziploc Bags



Bright Eyes Parents

At Bright Eyes Kindergarten, we understand the importance of the role that parents play in their child's education. Children learn best when their parents are active participants and advocates in their learning. Because of this philosophy, we believe in open lines of communication between parents and teachers. We also emphasize an open-door policy between parents and the directors, as well as parents and the president.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Bright Eyes Kindergarten endorses open communication between teachers and parents and therefore holds a minimum of two parent/teacher conferences annually.  The conferences will be used to discuss your child's developmental progress and to answer any questions you may have.  Parents may also request a conference at any time during the year.

Assessing Your Child's Development

To help each child develop to the best of his/her ability, Bright Eyes Kindergarten completes a progress report that assesses children along several social and academic dimensions. This progress report will be discussed with each parent at parent/teacher conferences.





Important Documents for Parents

Parent Guardian Handbook

Each child is entitled to one tuition free vacation week per calendar year (January-December). A Vacation Request Form must be submitted and approved prior to your child's absence. This week does not carry over to the next year if not used.
Vacation Request Form



Parents may have peace in knowing that their child is being recorded by our 24/7 surveillance system. At the time of enrollment, you will be notified of our camera system policy. Online viewing is currently only available for staff, however if there is ever an incident in question parents are welcome to review video with our staff by appointment. No one can gain access without a password and secure credentials. Your child's safety is a top priority.

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