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One of the key experiences in developing language and literacy skills involves writing in various ways, such as drawing, scribbling and creating letter-like forms.




Our second-shift schedule offers an array of educational and fun activities for children who need care in the afternoon and evening hours til midnight. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to explore and interact in a safe, relaxing learning environment despite the time of day that they are present at our facility. To ensure safety and security, children are monitored at all times and always kept with children of their own age group. During sleeping hours, lamp-like lighting is provided to ensure parental peace of mind and to provide extra help as our teachers monitor your child.






Bright Eyes Kindergarten Curriculum
Our main objective is to educate and nurture your child. Our learning program is geared to prepare your child for kindergarten, both intellectually and socially.
Bright Eyes utilizes two curriculum programs. The High/Scope curriculum is a research-based program that comes highly recommended by educational specialists (for more information, see www.highscope.org).  The High/Scope program centers on active, hands-on learning as the most effective means of educating children. The five key components of the curriculum are:
  1. 20 Manners all Children should know
  2. Prayer Before Each Meal
  3. Active learning & Optional Biblical Stories
  4. Positive adult-child interactions
  5. A child-friendly learning environment
  6. A consistent daily routine
  7. Team-based daily child assessment     

Let's Begin with the Letter People Curriculum® is an early education curriculum that uses thematic units to develop children's language and literacy skills (for more information, see www.abramsandcompany.com). A major focus of the curriculum is phonological awareness, including rhyming, word play, alliteration, and segmentation. Children are encouraged to learn as individuals, in small groups, and in a whole-class environment. Both cognitive and socio-emotional developments are presented as keys to learning.




Bright Eyes classrooms have a variety of materials that support active learning, including building blocks, sand and water, art and craft supplies, just to name a few.

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